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1st To Market Gold Investment and Trade Fund for Africa & The World.

The Africa Gold Fund is a 1st to market Gold Fund for Africa & The World. 

We represent 200,000+ ASM (Artisanal & Small Scale Miners) in Zimbabwe. We represent their efforts and dreams for a 21st Century Equal Opportunity Life. We represent our shareholders that support our vision. We represent our African and International Business Partners.

We support The National Action Plan for the Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) of The Republic of Zimbabwe in accordance with the Minamata Convention on Zero Mercury in ASGM Mining.

We support The President of Zimbabwe – His Excellency President Emerson Mnangagwa and his 2030 Mining Vision for Zimbabwe.

We are the Trust in Gold.


Investment Focus

Our Investment Vision & Focus covers the entire ASM Gold Supply & Value Chain. 

Direct Investment

Our direct investment strategy and focus is to invest over and in the entire ASM (Artisanal & Small Scale Mining) Supply and Value Chain. Thus achieving a medium risk investment strategy with maximum return on investment. Gold is Trust.

To increase production that is in line and supporting our ASM (Artisanal & Small Scale Mining) Gold Suppliers Production Goals as well as The Government of Zimbabwe Gold Production Goals we invest in the establishment of ASM Gold Centers.

We invest into High Value Cargo (HVC) Logistics Solutions that include both Secure Aviation and Armored Vehicles. We do Domestic and International Delivery of our Fund’s Gold. Safely and Securely.

We invest in the development of Ethical and International Compliant Supply Chain Auditing and Blockchain based Supply Chain Delivery Systems.

We invest in Green Mining Technologies & Assets (as well as Renewable Energy Solutions) that will be used within our Gold Fund Supply Chain as to achieve a neutral carbon footprint. We support the goals of COP26.

Working together with International Bona Fide Gold Buyers & Refineries we are achieving best market pricing to our ASM Supplier Shareholders.

We are investing in our own Digital Gold Backed Tokenized Assets that will be launched with a global ICO during the 1st quarter of 2022.

We invest in the establishment, training and development of Luxury African Jewellery Brands rising from our ASM (Artisanal & Small Scale Mining) Communities.

We are investing in various Women & Youth Empowerment Programs that will contribute to our vision for Zimbabwe and all other African States.


The 21st Century Gold Market Place

Most of us think of Gold as Bullion Bars and Wedding Rings.

Whereas in actual fact Gold has a much more essential and life changing and life saving application. Take the treatment of prostate cancer with Gold Nano Particles and other cancers.

5G and AI is set to change our homes and the world as we know it. Gold is found in most consumer electronics.

COP26, Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and Renewable Energy Resources such as Solar Panels and Enviro Glass Coatings is set to drive the application of Gold.

We serve all these niche sectors in the Global Gold Eco System.

Advantage Aviation Solutions

All our domestic and international secure high value road and air cargo solutions are provided by our exclusive aviation air wing partner Advantage Aviation Solutions (Pty) Ltd (South Africa).

HVC Insurance

Aurum Air and our Air Wing Partners together with Osprey with there esteemed underwriters fully insure all our high value cargo during road and air transit. From Mine to Refinery to Vault. Global.

Ingenium Capital

Ingenium Capital is our Sponsoring Brokers that will lead us into our 1st to market listing in Africa.

OTC Shares

Ingenium Capital will manage our unlisted otc shares for the OTC market prior our listing on the VFEX board.


Listing On The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange

We represent 200,000+ ASM (Artisanal & Small Scale Miners) i. We represent our 25% ASM Supplier Shareholders and other esteemed shareholders that support our vision. We represent our African and International Business Partners. We represent the Trust in Gold. With our Sponsoring Brokers we will also list assets in Mauritius and The UK in the near future after our listing on the VFEX Main Board.

Unlisted OTC Shares Available for 01 May 2022

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